About Rex in the City


Professional dog walking and care in Fulham, Putney and Barnes


We all know that living in London is an great and we want your dogs to think so as well. We therefore offer a range of services giving you the flexibility to enjoy the city and let your dogs enjoy the vast green areas that are on offer.


We specialise in providing prefessional dog walking and care in Fulham, Barnes and Putney. Our services include:


  • Dog Walking (Fulham, Putney, Barnes)
  • Day care
  • Boarding
  • Groomer and vest visits


We know that once a dog’s basic needs are met (when he or she has been fed, walked, and watered), all a pup needs is love and fun. We love the dogs, and they have lots of fun!

About Fran – owner and founder


Fran, founder of Rex, grew up with dogs and spent a year living with a pack of eight hounds on the West coast of Ireland. That’s where her love of walking and romping around with a pack was born – we all know how much dogs love running on the beach and racing across fields!
Whilst there is no beach in Fulham or Putney, the Beverly Brook area that crosses Barnes and Putney offers the next best thing for a fantastic walk. Your dog will have constant access to shady water, and big open spaces to run and romp about in, whether it’s chasing a ball or playing tag with each other.